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Deidra Dallas

Deidra, a former college English professor and high school English and theatre teacher, is the owner and primary editor at Review My Paper. She has reviewed hundreds of papers and helped students become more confident and competent writers. Before teaching, Deidra worked in the Writing Center at Angelo State University, assisting students of any major with writing assignments from inception to completion.

Teaching high school seniors, Deidra spent years helping students craft the perfect application for colleges and universities as well as scholarships. Four of her former students have been named as Terry Scholars to Texas State University and Texas A&M University, with multiple other students making the initial Terry selection at various universities across Texas. Additionally, she has assisted students in earning over $5 million in scholarships.

Deidra earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Texas Tech University as well as a Master of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Angelo State University.