How long does it take you to get my paper back to me with corrections?

Our standard turn around time is 48 hours or less. If you would like your paper faster than that timeline, you will be charged a rush fee based on your deadline. Message or email us for further information.

Please always give yourself plenty of time before your due date in order to receive your paper back from us and then to make any corrections necessary based on those suggestions.

What’s the difference between revising/editing and proofreading?

The revising and editing service is a more in-depth analysis of your writing. For this service, we will look at not only your spelling and your grammar, but also whether or not your essay makes sense. For example, is it following your thesis? Do you have a good thesis? Do your paragraphs make sense in the order you have them? Do the introduction and conclusion adequately introduce and conclude your paper? Should you include different sources?

Proofreading and formatting, on the other hand, only looks at the surface of your paper, and is normally the last step in the writing process before you turn in your paper. Does it look nice and neat? Are all words spelled and used correctly? Does this comma go here or should it be a semicolon? Is the Works Cited page formatted correctly? Are the right titles italicized versus put into quotation marks?

If you would like a clearer picture of what that looks like, check out our sample papers for each of these services so you can compare the final product you’ll receive from us.

Revising/Editing example

Proofreading/Formatting example

Is proofreading included in revising/editing?

In short, yes. When you select the Revising and Editing service, we will check your paper for anything and everything that could be wrong. This includes content and organization as well as grammar and spelling.

The long answer is — mostly. If you select Revising and Editing, we will send you back your paper with our suggestions for how to improve anything and everything. We encourage you to take these suggestions and then take another stab at your paper. Our suggestions may spark an idea that you want to add in, or you may decide you want to do some further re-organizing after re-reading your writing. This is all completely fine, and hopefully, you will do that — it’s your writing, after all! However, once you do this kind of work, you probably will create some more spelling/grammar issues. It’s just the nature of the beast. (We do it, too. And yes, we get our friends to proofread our writing, too.) Therefore, you will need to do a secondary proofreading after you’ve finished doing those big picture changes. You can do this yourself, ask a friend, or send your paper to us for just proofreading this time.

However, don’t let this worry you or stress you out that you’ll have to pay for multiple services every time you write a paper. If you receive our suggestions on Revising and Editing and are happy with them as they are, then congrats! Turn your paper in, and be done with it.

Hey, so will you just write my paper for me? I mean, that’s basically what you’re doing anyway, right?

Not only no, but heck to the no. That’s plagiarism! And we don’t mess with plagiarism. That’s some serious stuff. Like, fail a class, get kicked out of college, owe people lots of money, go to jail stuff. So, no, we won’t write your paper. We are not a paper writing service.

However, offering help and suggestions to a friend is not even closely related to plagiarism. People do this for each other all the time! (Ever asked a friend to read a text before sending it? That’s proofreading!) All we offer are suggestions. What you do with those suggestions is totally your business. Now, we have lots of experience and expertise in this field, so we’d also suggest that you take our suggestions, but again, that’s up to you.

You said I can resubmit after you’ve sent me suggestions back. Do I have to pay for that again?

While we’d love to be able to just spend hours and hours working on your paper until it’s exactly as you want it, we are running a business here, so unfortunately, you will have to pay for a second submission. We hope you understand, and that you will be willing to do this if you feel like it is necessary.

Rest assured, that we will diligently read over your paper the first time you submit it to us so that you can turn your paper in and be done with it after you’ve looked over our suggestions. A secondary submission is only suggested if you have done some major changes after looking at our first suggestions and you want to make sure everything is a-okay before you turn it in.