Getting Started

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a paper is just knowing where to start. If you’re unsure what to even write about, this is the service for you. For $25, we will review your topic and any preliminary ideas you may have and send you suggestions for where we’d take the paper if we were writing it. Once you receive your initial consultation, if you would like to resubmit after you’ve thought through some things, feel free!

This is not a paper writing service — that’s plagiarism. But there’s no law against getting help with brainstorming!

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Price: $25

What you should send to us:

  • Topic/Prompt from your teacher, professor, etc.
  • Any ideas you already have
  • Any research you have (websites, book titles, article titles, etc.)

What we will send you in return:

  • Several ideas for thesis statements
  • A list of questions for further research/analysis as you move forward
  • 3-5 helpful resources
  • Anything else that may be helpful as you get started drafting your paper

Video Conferencing

  • If you would prefer a “face-to-face” chat to talk through ideas for your paper, that is also an option! Please contact us for further information and instructions to set up a video conference.